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Nigeria is a great country, one blessed with abundant natural resources and currently the 8th most populous country in the world. There are many Universities in Nigeria which can be classified as Federal, State and Private according to ownership. In recent times, Government owned universities (Federal and state) have been encouraged to look inwards and source for their own finances rather than relying on the govt for everything. The Federal govt in Nigeria encourages the private sector to invest in Universities so as to help provide quality education which the nation so desires for the growth of Nigeria.

universitiesinnigeria.com provides you with access to the websites of most Nigerian universities and a little information about them..


Nigeria is a very big country located in West Africa and with good vegetation. It is the world's most populous black nation with over 150 million people and a major oil exporter. She has many indigenous languages but the three major ones are Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba.

The Federal Government and the State Governments were previously the only bodies licensed to operate Universities in Nigeria. Recently, licenses have also been granted to individuals, corporate bodies and religious bodies to establish private universities in Nigeria. The National Universities Commission (NUC) is the major accreditation body that enforces uniform standard and sets admissions capacity of every University in Nigeria. Some of the universities in Nigeria are listed below.

Categories of Nigerian Universities

  • Federal Universities(28)

    These consist of universities established and owned by the Federal government of Nigeria. Federal universities are the pioneer universities and they belong to a prestigious group of institutions of higher learning which have helped move Nigeria forwar, produced that nation's leaders and are helping to make higher education accessble to every citizen. Federal universities are among the most affordable and yet reputalbe universites available to the Nigerian masses. Most Federal universities are pre-suffixed "University of", "Federal University of " or after the name of a national leader. Federal universities are mostly patronized by the generality of Nigerians which mostly includes the middle and lower class. There are about 28 Federal universities in Nigeria

  • State Universities (28)

    These are a second group of universities and established by the government but unlike the Federal ones, they are established and owned by the State governments. The goal with state universities is also to make unviersities more accessible to more people and in this way help in the personal development of her people. It is mostly targeted at indigenes and residents of a state although it is open to everyone who is qualified for admission into the various courses. Most state universities in Nigeria normally have the title"State University" in their names. State universities are mostly patronized by the generality of Nigerians which mostly includes the middle and lower class. There are about 28 state universities in Nigeria.

  • Private Universities (32)

    Private universities are among the latest and growing type of universities we have in Nigeria. Due to the growing number of prospective unndergraduates, private universities are acting where public universities have been unable to act. Most public universities now have their resources outstretched, low intakes and dwindling efficiency. Private universitiesare owned and founded by the private sector which may be a person, group of persons:legal or corporate, who open up universities and run it as a business while also fulfillng their social responsibility in educating the citizenry. Even public institutions owned by the government are facing hard times recently due to the growing need for funds and they have been encouraged to raise funds and not rely on the govt for everything. Private universities have a couple of advantages over public universities such as being more efficient, have lesser bureacracy, faster decision making, steady academic calendars, better facilities and low institutionalized corruption unlike we see in public sectors and universities. One reason why the number of students seeking admission in private universities could be because of its higher cost as it is much more expensive than private universities. Private universities are however more patronized by the childred on middle and higher class Nigerians. There are over 32 private universities in Nigeria.

Universities in Nigeria consist of the best Univerisities in Africa and one the largest concentrations of Universities and undergraduates in Africa. Nigeria is growing and is featured in the Next eleven emerging economies that would shape the future world.