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This is one of the state Universities in Nigeria and it is located at Bokkos, Plateau, Northern Nigeria. A state university is owned by the state government and is mostly sustained by the resources of that government

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Tetok Ishaku. God blase u, thank you, about the university course and also electrical electronics department and order department include civil engineering, mark engineering BPS CEO kehinde Balogun - KEHINDE BALOGUN Sunday August 2, 2015 11:36:31
I wish to congratulate my mento Prof. Daniel Davou Dabi for exualted possition as the Deputy Vice Chancellor of our prestigious State university. Do we have faculty of Environmental sciences there? If no, we need it as a people on the plateau. Our terrains call for this please. If yes, which departments are under it? Many thanks, tetok. - Tetok Ishaku Tuesday July 24, 2012 3:9:0

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