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This is one of the private Universities in Nigeria and it is located at Redemption city, Ogun state, Southern Nigeria.
A private University is owned by private sector which can be a Religious, corporate organisation or other legal citizen. The owner of the private university may decide to ensure that the institution adapts to some of the owner's principles which may be religious, social or political.
It has always been the desire of the Redeemed Christian church of God (RCCG) to make a positive impact of University education in Nigeria, convinced that University education can play a significant role in the social and technological development of a nation. The existence of Decree No 19. of 1984, which proscribed and banned the establishment and operation of private universities, prevented the realization of this desire. However, the promulgation of a new Decree in 1993 by Federal Government opened the way for RCCG's involvement in university education. This decree allowed private individuals or organizations to establish universities in Nigeria, provided they meet the criteria laid down by the Federal government through the National Universities Commission.

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